9 pre-configured models

The Silver Edition consists of 9 colorful, pre-configured models. These golf headcovers can be ordered without waiting time. The covers of the Silver Edition are made in Germany, just like the ones from our Gold Edition. The hand-knit headcovers are available for drivers, woods (also fairway woods) and hybrids (rescues).

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The fresh and bright colors impart your golf bag with your individual style and offer a great alternative to comic and animal golf headcovers.

The Silver Edition does not offer the option of individualization. In order to design your individual and personal golf headcover we recommend our Gold Edition.

The Silver Edition

      • Starting at 26,90€
      • Made in Germany!
      • Immediate delivery
      • 9 colorful, pre-configured models
      • No individualization options
      • The Silver Edition is tagged by a silver knitcap label

Custom feedbacks

Finally a great product for my golf bag! This is a great Christmas present for my golf partner! The hand-knit golf headcover is the ideal idea for a present!
By the way: Great article. This is why I already ordered a golf headcover for my wood 5. Keep it up!
The golf headcovers were delivered this weekend!!! They look great!!! Everything is perfect!!!


Get your golf headcover from the Silver Edition!

Some may still remember the „Silver Edition“ as „Classic Line“. We decided to rename the old „Classic Line“ into the „Silver Edition“. That way the differences between our editions become more obvious. The Silver Edition offers pre-configured golf headcovers in a stylish 2-color mix. In this case, changes in the knit patterns or colors cannot be realized. These club covers will be the ones you see on the pictures in our shop. This also makes the selection much easier for you if you cannot decide between the various combinations in our Gold Edition. The golf club headcovers from the Silver Edition are available both for driver, wood and hybrid. Due to the thick wool the expensive golf clubs are well protected. The covers will not slip off the clubs during transportation (carry bag) thanks to their tight knitting.

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Silver Edition Pom Pom Golf Headcovers
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