Headcovers Silver Line Edition

Silver Edition

The Silver Edition consists of 9 pre-configured golf headcovers in a stylish 2-color-mix.

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The Silver Edition cannot be individualized. It is tagged with the silver knitcap label. A functional equipment and a real alternative to comic and pink piggy head covers for every golfer.
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Gold Edition Golf Headcovers

Gold Edition

The Gold Edition golf headcovers can be designed with the help of our golf headcover configurator directly on your screen.

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With its numerous individual design possibilities (5000 color combinations, extra-long shaft, initials and so forth) the Gold Edition is addressed to the enthusiastic golfer looking for his personal hand-knit unicum.
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Corporate Line Golf Headcovers

Corporate Line

The Corporate Line addresses teams, clubs, sponsors, dealers and other businesses interested in golf headcovers with logos, in club or corporate design.

Our golf headcovers are great alternatives as give-aways, tee-off or promotional gifts. You would like to design your golf club headcovers yourself and need larger amounts? Contact us!
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In our shop you can decide whether everything needs to match your color concept as with Rickie Fowler, or you rather walk bravely across the golf course wearing colors like John Daly. Stylish colors and patterns offer a real alternative to boring standard headcovers or comic and pink piggy club covers.
Use our golf headcover configurator in our online shop and design your own golf headcover directly.
In both the „Silver Edition“ and „Gold Edition“ all our golf headcovers (knitcaps) are hand-crafted.
Small differences can be visible even in the same models. These differences though underline the classic character of a hand-made product. The delivery time may vary because handicraft is made by humans, not machines which also give our golf headcovers uniqueness. The approximate delivery time is 3 to 10 days depending on workload and order volume.
We wish you a lot of fun with our golf headcovers and „a good game“ of course!
Our golf headcovers are both stylish and functional. Our head covers protect your golf club from scratches and other damages emerging when the clubs knock against each other in the golf bag. No matter if you carry, push or use your golf cart – our golf headcovers perfectly fit the club, will not fall off and can still be slipped on the club faster and more easily than many standard golf headcovers. Give it a try!
The golf headcovers will not slip off the club while being transported on the golf course. Due to the acrylic content the product is long-lasting and dries even faster if it gets wet.
We chose a wool-polyacrylic mix as the base material for our golf headcovers. This combines the advantages of wool with those of polyacrylic fiber. It looks like wool and feels like it as well, it is springier though, easier to clean and therfore corresponds to your sporty challenges on the golf course.
Due to the acrylic content the Golf club cover can be slipped on the club easily, dries faster and does not deform even after a hundredfold use.
After some time golf headcovers show signs of use and exertions of the golf course. The contact with grass, dirt and sand is hardly avoidable. This is no problem for our knitcaps!
Due to the combination of materials our golf headcovers can be washed in the washing machine easily and without complications. Please use a special wool detergent and apply the right programm for hand laundry or wool with max. 30°. After that put it down to dry. That way you will take much pleasure in your golf headcover.
Our golf headcover is very sturdy, though it might happen that you get caught in the undergrowth while looking for the ball and tear a tiny hole in your head cover. Don’t panic! You need to neither replace the golf headcover nor learn how to knit.
If you discover a hole in a knitcap, please stop using it because this could widen the hole. A repair does usually not cost more than 10€. We also offer a respective repair service. Just contact us!

Customer feedbacks

  • The golf headcovers were delivered this weekend!!! They look great!!! Everything is perfect!!!
  • By the way: Great article. This is why I already ordered a golf headcover for my wood 5. Keep it up!
  • The golf headcover is awesome.. I will order some for my wood and hybrid as well …
  • Finally a great product for my golf bag! This is a great Christmas present for my golf partner! The hand-knit golf headcover is the ideal idea for a present!


Your hand-knit and individual pompom golf headcover – Hand-made in Germany!

You will find knitcaps, the knit headcover for your golf clubs, in our online-shop in all possible variations and color combinations. With the help of our golf headcover configurator you can design your perfect golf headcover. The golf season runs all year round. On golf tours in the spring, summer and fall/winter you might need a suitable golf headcover protecting your golf clubs during transport and golf rounds against knocking against each other. No matter if you prefer farragnious golf headcovers, a headcover in your favorite colors, or a knit club cover matching your outfit – in our shop you will surely find the perfect golf headcover for any type of golf club (driver, wood / fairway, hybrid / rescue) according to your taste!
Our knitcap golf headcover configurator enables you to pick the right headcover out of more than 5000 color combinations. Packed in a stylish box with the classic knitcap label, the ready-made golf headcover will be delivered to you!
We set greatest value upon individuality. This is why every knitcap customer designs his golf headcover himself by choosing his favorite colors and designs.
If you are unsure about the 5000 color combinations in our configurator, we offer already designed color variations as an alternative in our Silver Edition.
knitcap follows the current color trends and the hip fashion trends.
This is why the knitcap golf headcovers will perfectly match your lifestyle. Due to the individual design by the prospective golfer, the headcovers will rarely if not at all be seen twice on the golf course! All of our headcovers emerge from elaborate handicraft which makes them unique and real eyecatchers.
Next to the three patterns and twelve different colors, our golf headcovers can be individualized even further either by initials, numbers or logos and letterings. We also offer the option of an extra-long shaft in order to protect the shaft of the golf club in your golf bag.

Start now and get the style back in your golf bag!


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